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Indie bookstores like Vroman's in Pasadena need your help!

Currently, small independent businesses which are integral to bringing communities and neighborhoods together are some of those being hit the hardest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have the means, it is so important to support them right now so that they can stay afloat until we can safely begin having gatherings in special spaces like these once again.

Recently, I was delighted to see my memoir on display at Vroman's Bookstore on Colorado in Pasadena—a wonderful bookstore that has been around for over 126 years! Due to financial struggle, they recently have called for their Pasadena and greater Los Angeles neighbors to support them from now until the holiday season so that they can stay in business.

Like many others I urge friends, family, readers, to buy independent right now. That is where where students convene after school, where members of a community can get to know each other through readings or book clubs, where booksellers get to know your tastes, where you can get lost and find something unexpected—yet their livelihood is on the line right now. Big businesses will make it out more than fine, and while those online retailers may seem faster or easier, most local bookstores (and other businesses) have plenty of options that are just as safe and speedy. For example: online or over-the-phone orders for curbside pickup and socially distant in person shopping. A lot of bookstores like Vroman's sell lovely gifts and memberships as well, so another great way to help them is to do your holiday shopping there.

Here's the full list of ways to support Vroman's Bookstore taken from this page on their website:

In short, we’re asking our community to return to shopping at Vroman’s – whether online with delivery or curbside pick-up, or in-person safely in our stores:

  • * Shop online with curbside pickup or call us to place an order

  • * Return to shop in our stores with our new health and safety measures in place, understanding that capacity must  be limited to ensure social distancing (we experienced long lines this past weekend, with wait times in the 30/40 minute range. we apologize and appreciate everyone's patience as we maintain social distance guidelines to keep customers and staff safe)

  • * Shop in-store on weekday mornings, rather than busy weekends or afternoons, to avoid waiting in line for long periods

  • * Shop early before the December holiday crowds – the stores will be far less crowded in October and November

We also need your help to get the word out. Please reach out to your friends and contacts to share the following messages:

  • 1) Vroman’s needs your support to stay in business

  • 2) Please shop now for books, gifts, and gift cards with Vroman’s and encourage your friends and associates to do the same

  • 3) Download the shareables below and help spread the word! Use the hashtag #ShopVromans and post on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Don't forget to tag us! (Twitter: @vromans / Instagram: @vromansbookstore / Facebook: @vromansbookstore)

Other ways you can support Vroman's 


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